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Re: My Dad Passed

Hi jaebird .. My brother in law, Brian passed away from lung cancer only about 8 days ago. I think it is normal to feel regret and guilt. I certainly feel that too. My sister in law only married Brian about a year and a half ago and during this time and even before this, we were very close. My husband is her little brother and she practically raised him so that is why we have always been very close. Last summer we sort of had a falling out and we didn't speak for almost a year. We spoke again before Brian fell ill and we were there almost every day when he was sick. The last weeks we spent with him were when he was sick and I know my sister in law was grateful for that but I feel bad that we didnt spend time with him during his last healthy year of life.
My sister in law is in a lot of pain and I am sure can relate to your emotions. After speaking with a grief counsellors on how we can be more supportive .. well , there isn't much more we can do. We sleep over and call all the time and that is all we can do. As for you as well as my sister in law... the grief couseller said she will always be in pain and miss Brian, but every day will get a little easier. There is no quick fix and that is what everyone wants because the pain is so great. Time is the only healer. I feel for you and for what you and my sister in law is going through. Remember all the great memories and let that be something you keep in your heart...