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Re: NEW GUYS that needs help

thanks so much for the info i was going nuts trying to figure out what to do. i tryed calling my doc but hes now on vacation! so im just not going to take any at all, i havent today and the head rush is just starting to go away now, do i feel weak because the clonidine
i am going to take your advice and go out, at 6 i will go pick my girl up from work and go for a drive and a walk. i am not working right now because im a collage student so im on brake from my summer job and school, thats y i chose to do this now.
i tryed takeing advil but it did not seem to take away the leg pains before, but who knows i might be though that..i hope.
i dont think i will need meetings because i have my girl helping me though this all the way.