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Re: baby pulls blanket over head during sleep

Originally Posted by besafe20
Hi I have a 4 month old that really loves blankets. The weird thing is that he pulls it over is head when he goes down for a nap or bedtime. It is funny because if he is fussing you put the blanket to his face and he immediately calms down. The first couple times I walked in to check on him and discovered he was completely under the blanket I freaked out and checked on him and he was fine. Since he likes it so much to go to sleep I will put the blanket over his face and as soon as his eyes close and he is falling asleep I remove it. I never let him sleep like that though. Is this a risk for sids? I get very worried when he does this during the night and when I am not around to pull the blanket off his face.

Dear Besafe,
I have a 11 month old daughter named Angeleek. The funny thing is I understand you soooo much. My daughter does the SAME THING!!! And she has been doing since I can remember. I remember the first couple times she had it pulled over her head when she was sleeping and I walked it to check on her I FREAKED out to. But I am much more calm about it now. I never let her use a thick blanket though. And I actually told the doctor about it and she said it was fine. Also to put her asleep I put a recieving blanket over her head either if she is in the swing or in our arms. The main thing I do is when ever I check on her I also try to put the blanket like half over her face or make a air pocket on the side in case of anything. But also My daughter's crib is still in my room so I can check her many times during the night.