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Re: My Dad Passed

Tjr, yes you are right, things will get better, just gotta take things one day at a time. I think what makes it hard is that there isn't really anyone around for support, I talk to my step mom often, and we have visited her a few times since he sister on the other hand apparently didn't want to deal with things, and she left town about 3 weeks ago, not one word out of her, plus she is trying to fight my step mom on the will, which is doing nothing for anyone, but causing more pain that she is so selfish. I have my best friend who I consider more of a sister than anyone else and she helps me out, but as far as family there are none here that care. And my mother, she's been remarried for 9 years now, but she said she didn't care at all when she heard about my dad's passing, so I do not speak to her at all anymore.
Well that was a bit off subject, sorry about your loss, and I am glad to hear that you have support. Take care and god bless....