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list YOUR ways of PAIN management

i would like everyone who is willing to reply to list ways of dealing w/ pain; preventing the pain !before! an attack, and then actually what they use to relieve the pain !during! an attack....
i'm writing this as one of my primary complaints is the pain that accompanies my "attacks"...... granted i have very much controlled these w/ the use of tofranil, and donnatal.... but as far as the pain i have yet to find a real remedy.. my gastro doctor actually prescribed me xanax for my anxiety that accompanies this condition.. and when i have a bad attack i dissolve one under my tongue to relax me... but still... i am having a hard time finding different "coping mechanisms" or outlets for pain relief... the biggest pain relief that i have found is talking to someone close to me during an attack.... has anyone found anything that helps prevent these "pain episodes" or helps while one is in an actual episode of pain... natural remedies are obviously gonna be the most used on here, as no doctor in his right mind would prescribe narcotics for long term use......

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