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Re: My Dad Passed

My brother passed away a week ago. He did the same thing the last day he was here - sat straight up from sleeping no less - I was afraid he'd get dizzy and told him so, and he passed away around 3am also. My mom said she woke up at that time. We didn't get the call until around 4:15 am. My other brother was with him. We were told that day that it would be a few days. The day before we were told a few weeks to a few months. We all thought we had time to communicate with him, because through all the pain he was still very much aware of what was going on. It just got hard for him to talk. I knew he could hear well because the day before he died I was with him most of the day and he finally said to me "chill." That's my brother...

If I had known we only had a short time left that day, I would have said different things to him. things that meant more not just 'do you want a drink, do you want to try to eat.' My sister told me that it didn't matter what I said because I was there and I was able to hold his hand.
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