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Re: My Dad Passed

I lost my husband to lung cancer in 1996. The memories of those horrible months before his death are like an open wound. He fought so valiantly, oh how he fought it! He was 37 years old!!!! He had smoked since he was 13. He had a pain in his shoulder and arm that was intolerable and he went to the ER. He was never sick, so he didn't go to Doctors! They X-rayed him and told him that he had a tumor the size of a lemon that was pressing on the nerves in his arm! That began the fight for his life. They did a biopsy of the adrenal glands (typically lung cancer - at least his type) goes there. It was there, and from the biopsy, they determined what kind he had, and a lady Doctor matter of factly told my husband, my daughter and myself that he would be dead within a year. NO COMPASSION!!! We were in shock and that is an understatement. Gene (my husband) had radiation first (to shrink the tumor to help relieve his arm and shoulder pain), then rounds and rounds of chemo, and he got progressively weaker and weaker. Then...11 months later, he crashed all of a sudden at home. He found it harder and harder to breathe. Home oxygen was bought out, and the next day he almost coded in our house before the Paramedics got there. He was on life support for 3 more days. He was my life, my joy, the man of my dreams.
I still miss him and I always will until we meet again. I know that he is with me because I can feel him at times.

I am so sorry that your loved ones have been also taken from this horrible disease.
It hurts, yes it lessens somewhat, but it hurts still.

My prayers are with you,
God Bless You,