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Lack of sleep due to anxiety/stress?

With the school year coming up this is something that i need to get resolved

Now i am not sure if this is the most appropriate board for this, but here it goes. I also posted this on the sleep disorder board.

I'm 18 years old, but unfortunately constantly worry. Now this worrying doesn't necessarily come about during the day (although quite often i feel guilty over the smallest things), and most of the time i worry about the most absurd things. However, as nighttime comes along, and i want to sleep, my mind seems ready to run a marathon. Everything and anything i can think about pops up in my head, and it really disturbs my sleep. I wake up during the night quite a few times, and don't get a very relaxing sleep.

It's very common i know for people to have difficulty sleeping, and i don't believe i actually have a disorder, but rather it stems from the fact that i worry so much.

I was wondering if anyone here has ever faced the same situation i have, and ways they got around fixing it.

If it helps, i can give a scenario that may assist in what i mean when my mind runs a marathon. if i don't sleep immediately i start to worry about getting sleep that night, then i start to worry about not getting sleep the next night and so on and so on. I would really prefer if i got a more detailed response rather than don't worry, because simply trying not to worry won't help, but if anyone has a strategy to simply taking things easy, i'd greatly appreciate it

Thanks very much

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