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Re: Worried, losing work and scared of losing our house!

I agree with the previous posts. I have problems at work, too, but I work in an office and can usually escape to a bathroom for a while, but occasionally I just have to go home. But there are ways to minimize it. It starts with not eating cafeteria food or fast food. Fats, and greasy foods are the worst. For me, dairy foods are just as bad, but that's not everybody. I pack a lunch of foods I know are safe for me. I just learned that iceberg lettuce is also a common suspect, which I just started eating a lot of for weight-loss. I'm switching to Romaine, instead. Avoid cafeine, soda pop, chocolate, and start reading labels. A lot of store-bought foods are the devil in disguise. Unfortunately, Different foods hit different people, but here's one thing that helps almost everybody: Metamucil. It will alter the bowel habits at first so that you think something's wrong, but will stabilize it over a short time (a few days) if you're consistent.

Press the Doctors for more info, they're not suffering so they don't feel the urgency, but they often have the facts you need.

Good luck.