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Re: HELP! I'm Suffering From Social Anxiety

Thanks for your reply dragonballwizard and I guess I don't know what to do But maybe I will try this natural remedy to alleviate anxiety. If you would look at my original post, in my post towards the end you will see the word anxiety hyperlinked. If you put your cursor there, it gives you a peek of what that word anxiety is linked to. And it is linked to a website that offers natural remedies to alleviate or rid us of anxiety. I didn't get a look before I clicked reply to you so I will take a look at that website after this reply.

So I am happy to hear that I am not the only one suffereing from social anxiety?

* Where does social anxiety come from?
* How long will you say that you have had social anxiety?
* Do you go outside?
* Do you have friends?
* Are you getting Cognitive Behavioral Thereapy?

All I do all day and everyday is stay home, watch tv. stay on the internet ALL DAY LONG, but I have a very good excuse for that one, I have an online business. But still I shouldn't be on the internet all d_mn day long. You check your account, you check for new members, send and answer emails and get the freak off. Not all dog on day from morning till night. Pathetic. Then I eat, sh_t, and sleep. Pretty pathetic life huh? Anyway I would like to know the answer to the above questions I have asked you. Ok bye