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Re: HELP! I'm Suffering From Social Anxiety

* Where does social anxiety come from?
I am not sure where social anxiety comes from. I am still learning that myself.

* How long will you say that you have had social anxiety?
I have had it for at least 4-5 years I would say. I spent so much of my life hidding the fact I even had anxiety because I feared being told I was nuts. I also thought it would be embarrassing to bring up to my doctor.

* Do you go outside?
I do go outside. I have to say though, I do my shoping early in the morning when they first open and it has to be a weekday because most people are off at work at those hours and I have less anxiety.

* Do you have friends?
I have friends but they are few. I find it hard to make friends because I think they are going to judge me or I am going to do something to embarrass myself.
I do go to church on sundays but that is hard sometimes to because I have to sit near the exit and I have to sit at the end of the row and I leave just before the pastor finishes so I don't get caught in the crowd.

* Are you getting Cognitive Behavioral Thereapy?
I am working with someone yes. I can't wait to learn the skills I need to cope with this better then I have been. So far I have learned to breath correctly...I tend to hold my breath when I get anxious and that is not good. I have also learned that I do avoidance behavior and you can see from my above statements this is in fact the case.

There is no way your alone in this!!!! Please let me know how you are doing?
God bless you