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Re: musles twitching...thyroid problem??

Originally Posted by jaeana
I get muscle twitching in my upper thighs, calves and feet. Sometimes hands and arms. The ones in the legs I get everyday but not happen sporadically. I suppose vitamin deficiency could also the problem?
I have had this as a symptom of magnesium deficiency, the twitching would become cramping like charlie horses and would be particularly bad at night - I'd wake up in agony.

Simply taking a calcium / magnesium supplement took care of this. It could be contribution to what you're going through. It also sounds like it could be thyroid related; especially with the weight loss. FWIW, many people with thyroid diseas (usually Hypo, I think) take cal/mag supplements to help with muscle aches and pains (and charlier horses) and most of the general public are dificient when it comes to magnesium (it's just not in our food supply the way it used to be and should be). So a supplement couldn't hurt...

Sorry it's not much concrete help ..

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