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Re: My Dad Passed

txchaz, ty very much for sharing. My mother does still smoke, she is remarried for almost 10 years now and my little sister is 9 1/2 but I honestly have no feelings for my mother right now, she was very rude about the whole thing when she was told about my dad, but that's off the subject.

sawbuck, sorry for your loss, I remember I woke up about the time my dad passed, but we weren't informed until about 10 hours later, so it was a real big shock and I was so upset with my sister for not telling me sooner, I hated my step-mom for about 3 days after because I felt she didnt' have the guts to call and tell us, but then I found out that it was too hard for her, it's a long story about her and my dad.

Texaslady, I am not sure how long my dad had the cancer, but I know it was for quite some time, he hated doctors. Sorry to hear about your loss, you are a very strong woman.

Take care all and god bless.