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Mom's non small cell cancer

I went to see my mother and bury my step-dad this past week, on Wednesday she was placed in the hosptial because of multilple clots to the left leg. She also has two tumors pressing on her motor skills on the left side and her memory.

Her dr. placed a greenfiled catheter in to slow doen the clots so they could do radiation on the two tumors. I got the chance to visit with the dr and asked why the radiation at this time and he said so she could have a quality of life. He also stated she had between one month to three months to live.
He did talk with her and me about completeing the radiation treatments and starting her on low dose heparin for the next ten days. He also recommended she have hospice started again.

I met with my sister and I am resigning from my job and moving into her home to take care of her in her few months of life. She is taking a leave and will be there too but she also has to deal with the death of her dad so this is a very difficult time.
Her treatments in Mexico helped but they also caused a few complications too.
The dr. told my mom that the shrinkage of the tumors will help her to see, and gain some strength in her left side again but others will pop up. She is not a canadate for low dose chemo because she is still too week, with her clots in her leg, she is at risk with the heparin treatments because she could bleed around the brain tumors.
Funny how you treat one thing could cause complications in another treatment stage.
My sister and I spent Sat with her getting all of her affairs in order and will now focus on her time with us.
Just keep us in your prayers..........please
I am thinking of you all too.

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