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Need Advice!! Calling All Experts

I was diagnosed and treated for hyper approx 5 years ago. For the past 21/2 yrs I've been without treatment b/c dr. left town without disclosing his plans to most patients. I've seen 2 dr. since that time. The Dr's I've seen said "I was within range" I just found out yesterday that I'm 8 wks pregnant. I went into the ER with severe symptoms.. symptoms of what?? not too sure. I've been extremely exhausted to the point I can't bathe myself. Running low grade fever, insomnia, and for the past three days frequent trips to the bathroom(if ya know what I mean). When I went into the Er I didn't tell them I was once treated for hyper, b/c the Dr's say I'm O.K. (don't feel like it). When the Dr was doing the exam he said "you have a goiter on the right side of your neck, have you ever heard of Graves?" well I began to cry. Had I heard of it my god, YES!!!! His diagnosis was that I was having some sort of flare up, and the pregnancy was exagerating it, and I was dehydrated. Suggested that I see an OB/GYN that he knew that was "very knowledgeable" w/ thyroid. So I took his advice. Saw him yesterday, he said he doesn't think I should be medicated for the hyper, that again "i was within range". All he had available at that point was TSH it was .56. Waiting on free T4. Now I feel horrible, going on 10 days this way. I've been reading about the effects to the fetus w/ treatment and w/out. I don't know if I should listen to him and wait it out, and I don't know if I should put my baby at risk. My TSH has dropped from 1.46 in June to .56 Sept. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help shed some light. Any thoughts or advice would be helpful.


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