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Re: Need Advice!! Calling All Experts

There are many knowledgeable people here on these boards that will respond and help you out. I will tell you this though, it is not an easy task to get a doctor to treat your symptoms, because they (doctors) are driven by your levels. However, I'm pretty sure that I have read that while you are pregnant it is important to go by the lab ranges instead of symptoms. I'm sure this is hell, but apparantly it is good for the baby. I (personally) would recommend one of two things 1) scratch this doctor and start with a new one or 2) if you feel you can talk to this doctor, go back to him as soon as possible and ask for the following things (actually, even if you decide to go to a different doctor, you need to have the following checked out): since he is already checking your Free T4, ask for your Free T3 levels, also ask for an antibodies test to see what is attacking your thyroid. Sometimes the antibodies that cause Hashimotos can cause a person to go into hyper-mode. Since the ER doctor said you have a goiter, ask your doctor if he feels any nodules.

I was diagnosed with Graves disease in 2002 (however, I was not pregnant) and was found to have nodules. They were non-cancerous (as most are). So, if your doc thinks you have nodules, don't freak out, it will most likely be ok as a lot of people get them and many don't even know it! (even if it is cancerous, thyroid cancer has an AMAZING success rate of beating it!)

When you get your labs, just post them here and continue to ask questions of this board. Everyone here is here to help!
Good luck and congradulations on the pregnancy!

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