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Question questions, FNA and core biopsy...Fibrosis?

Okay, I had my biopsy done today. They did a FNA and a core biopsy....okay, they attempted a core biopsy. They got one "chunk" out of the core- with alot of heck to get that. They tried to get more, but the radiologist finally-after several attempts, called it quits. He said that he couldn't get the needle through the fibrosis around the capsule? They numbed the area, but I was still feeling the movements of the needle, and when they were trying to get the core sample, the radiologist was pushing one way, while the ultrasound tech pushed the other-trying to help get the needle through. MISERABLE!!!!! My neck hurts so bad tonight, I want to cry. Call me a wuss. I guess I expected it to be virtually painless.

Anyhow, has anyone else experienced this trouble getting the core biopsy done? Does everyone with thyroid problems get fibrosis on it like that? What causes it?

Thanks ahead of time

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