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You must not take paxil...please

I felt the need to post this, after what I have been through the last week. I found out last week that I was pregnant (yipeee), and had to get off paxil ASAP. The only choice I had was cold turkey. That was when my life has turned to complete hell.
The withdrawal is unexplainable unless you have been there before. I have had severe vertigo whenever I move my head or eyes, which makes doing anything impossible. Night sweats like crazy, and so much more I will go into if anyone wants to know.
The main problem with this drug, is #1- Doctors have NO idea about this, they just write those prescriptions like breathing.
#2- This drug has no business being on the market at all. After going through this ordeal, I have found that there are hundreds of law suits to get this drug off the market. Apparently I am not alone.....
This medication may have helped me through a really tough time, but if the withdrawal is this bad, I would have NEVER taken it. Please, Please, inform yourself about what these doctors are so easily giving to you these days. I am living a absoulute nightmare right now, and this whole thing could have been prevented. Doctors have actually compared the withdrawal to heroin.
I know that the way that I had to discontinue Paxil is not the most intelligent way, but I had no choice. Anyone that is on it, please do yourself a favor, and choose something else. This is the worst thing I have ever felt in my entire life!

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