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Re: Board Eligible vs Board Certified

[QUOTE=Sara5678]Can someone tell me what the difference is between "Board Eligible" and "Board Certified".

I have synovial cyst at L4 L5 and have been referred to an orthopodist for a microdisecotmy. Thanks for your help.[/QUOTE]
"Board Certified" means the Doctor has passed his/her boards for that specialty. Board elegible means just that, he/she is elegible to take the boards. I would ask this surgeon how many times he/she has performed this surgery, where & when. Does he just do it once in awhile or 5 x's a week?
Ask to speak to another patient that's had the same or a similar surgery. Don't let them tell you they can't. All they have to do is call a patient and ask. They can have the patient call you, no last names have to be exchanged. Ask brutally honest questions; it's your spine!!! ~Barbara~