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Re: renee how are things going?

Hello- Sorry for not replying, we have not been home. Scott has been in a local hospital and a local hospice inpatient facility for almost 3 weeks. Things are not so good here. Scott took a turn for the worse and his disease is progressing rapidly. As of Thursday, we are home from the hospice facility and I am caring for him at home. Hospice made arrangements with my insurance company to have all medicine delivered here to the house, and hospice taught me how to administer the medication. So far, it is working out pretty well. I am just SOOOO happy to have him home, I have promised for a long time that I will not allow him to die in a hospital, and I wanted to honor that promise. As of now, Scott is in the final stages of the dying process. He mostly sleeps, and rarely eats. Today, he is slept all day, only opened his eyes a couple of times, and it is not a drug induced sleep. I give him his pain medicine (methadone) regularly. But, I only give him atival and haldol if he gets extremely restless and needs it. I REALLY hate giving him medicine that I know will knock him out, it makes me feel cheated of more time, but I have to, for his sake. His kidney's have not failed completely, but not long to go. According to the hospice nurse, he has 2-3 days to live. But, I do not believe that. They have been saying 2-3 days for almost 3 weeks, I guess eventually they will be right, but I do not believe it is now.

Scott's Mother is staying with me. And, I have 2 young girls (23 and 24) who live with us. So, I do have some help. My focus is just keeping him comfortable. I do not allow visitors, other than his family. And, I keep music playing, it is very relaxing, the title is "moodescapes", it is a CD channel on our Satellite subscription. I try to lay with him as much as I can. But, in a hospital bed, it is not very often, usually just a little while during the day.

I will post more when I can. I hope everyone is doing well.