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Question could this be some thyroid disorder?


I've been told that some symptoms that I have could be some thyroid disorder. I'd appreciate any comments on them. I haven't got any clear explanation from the doctors I've visited.

The symptoms began all of a sudden, more than two years ago. They are quite annoying, but not incapacitating: some day I began to feel unwell (malaise, I think it's called), to see moving white dots in my field of vision when looking at any bright smooth surface, experience bad balance (not vertigo), weakness and, most annoying, racing heart with small efforts that previously I didn't even notice (even after meals or when urinating). In the first months I even had moderate leg pain when walking and palpitations, which have not ocurred again lately. Except for these, I don't feel worse, but I don't feel better either.

I know this symptoms could suggest anaemia, but my blood tests seem to be normal (however, more than a year had elapsed since the onset of these symptoms when I had my first blood test made). The doctors I've consulted (two at the moment) attribute them to some nervousness or mild depression, but I'm not convinced and, moreover, the treatments they have prescribed have not had any effect at the moment. I feel specially weak in the morning, after breakfast. My blood pressure is often around 10/6. A year ago I started to jog 10 or 15 minutes every two or three days to see how my body reacted, but 10 or 12 days later I began to feel so weak that I had to quit it.

I'd apreciate any suggestion. Thank you.

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