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Hi Brighteyes,

I'm sorry you're sad today. The realization that you might never be as you were before you got RSD is a very sad one and it would be strange if you weren't sad right now. I remember that realization and it came for me, many years after my diagnosis. When I was first diagnosed, there was less known about RSD than there is today (not saying there's a whole lot of knowledge out there today) so I was told that it would go away and I believed that. Finally, about ten or so years later (when I was about 25), I realized that this wasn't going away. I was depressed about it for a while, but looking back on it now, I have to say that that was a very important step in my turning out of my depression. Now that I accept that the RSD isn't going anywhere (until that cure is found), I've been much happier. I hope this happens to you soon.