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Re: could this be some thyroid disorder?

First of all...Have you been tested for Lyme's disease?? I had very similar symptoms back in 1991. I had leg pains, malaise like you wouldn't believe, and eye problems. Spots, and also double vision that lasted only one day. Then the heart palpitations started. I would get triple heart beats, and then gasp, suddenly losing my breath. I could feel my heart pounding and see it, too. It would speed up so fast I thought I would faint. I also had bruising under my feet for no reason, and my toes would suddenly hurt as if someone slammed them with a sledgehammer, and then they became numb. I suffered from terrible headaches, and I felt like my hands, arms feet and legs had lead in them. I was a school teacher, and I couldn't even erase the board. I couldn't hold a folder without it slipping right out of my hands because I was so weak. I went to numerous doctors over the course of a year. I was told A) I worked too hard B) I had that syndrome where you are always tired but I can't think of the name right now C) It was all in my head and I should see a therapist. I cried my eyes out because I knew something was wrong. This is a very long story so I will try to shorten it for you. I had multiple blood tests done, some said Lyme some were borderline. No one would treat me. I finally woke up one morning, couldn't talk, breathe, think or function. My parents rushed me to the hospital. Spinal tap, blood work, finally they said, you have Lyme's disease. It had been in my system at least five years, and it settled in my central nervous system. I got medicated intravenously for two weeks, and felt the best I had felt in YEARS.

The problem with LYMES, is that the doctor has to be checking for that specifically. I finally found an Infectious Disease Specialist who knew right away just based on my symptoms that it had to be LYMES.

I got it again 2 years later. Got intravenous again, felt really good and I actually don't have any lasting effects from it. I am a lucky one. Some people have to be on meds for the rest of their lives. So, LYMES isn't always the arthritis disease. If it has been in your system for years, it could be in your nervous system. If I were you I would get a blood test for it right away. They also checked me for Lupus, and MS. (negative) I know this was long, but I think it was important. I hope it helps. Best of luck to you .