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Re: Hello all-cking in

As a sufferer of 2 years, I understand what you are going through. Each day , I am confronting with obstacles(WC,Health) that are put in front of me b/c my RSD is in my right dominante hand and can't do it all w/my left hand. By reflecting on how my body used to be before this, I only find myself becoming upset and I don't won't to become depressed. Basically, I had to come to the realization that I have to keep on fighting or I will lose the fight altogether.

Somedays , it seems like no one truly understands or really wants to understand what you are going through mentally and physically. During times like these, I try not to take it personally b/c I know that I could become upset if I think about it only making myself feel worse. So, I try to come to understanding that no one truly knows what you are going through unless they are walking in your shoes. As a result, I try to make them aware of what I am feeling and hopefully through the grace of god they feel where I am coming from. It has been a hell of an adjustment for trying to deal with medication(vicodin/ultram/neurotin) and painful procedures (stellate block).

I have my 2nd Stellate Block Today and god willing it will go well and push the pain that radiates from my hand away. Its one of those painful procedures that I dread having to go through. However, everyone on the board have been a help to me by giving me suggestions on how to deal with it.

Stay strong and know that all of us hear share your struggle. No matter what don't give up the fight.

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