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Ultrasound said my thyroid is normal, but I don't feel well

But that is definitely not what I feel

I feel my thyroid is enlarged. it is pressing on my esophagus (the tube that go downs to stomach). Sometimes I feel very bad, while sometimes I feel nothing.

I have done a few ultrasound in the year. Each report said I have nodule here or there at 1.5cm. Doctor said it is not a problem. Once the nodule g row to 2cm, and my doctor arrange a cell insepction (something like that) in hospital. However, the doctor forgot to include the ultrasound result. So the peolpe in hospital is ****** but they help me do another ultra sound anyways. The result is the nodule is shrunk back to less than 1 cm and hospital refuse to do a cell insepction becasue there will be nothing interesting anyways. the doctor once again assure me there is no problem. Numerous blood tests were done and none of them show any possible sign of problem.

however, my thyroid problem still comes and goes. I learnt that eating spicy will make me feel bad, so now I avoid those food. and now, my thyroid make me feel very sick again: it is pressing on my tube. I have another ultrasound arranged (last one is 3 months ago at the hospital).

My question is, what make my thyroid enlarged and then shrunk?

Also, is thyroid problem cause the following?

muscle twitching (last year my situation is very bad, but now it is much better)
vision problem (my vision has "noise" especially when there is not enough light)
easy to b e tired
ringing in the ear (Tinnitus, just recently get this)

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