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Re: Ultrasound said my thyroid is normal, but I don't feel well

One possibility is that what you are feeling in your throat isn't necessarily your thyroid. There is a condition called globus where you feel like you have a lump in your throat or that you are choking, but it is actually caused by muscle spasms and not by pressure in the throat. Now, this doesn't mean that there isn't something wrong with your thyroid, just that it might not be the cause of one of your symptoms (the sensation in your throat).

I know what you're thinking... Nope, it's got to be my thyroid. That's what I thought at first, too. But even when my thyroid shrunk back down I continued to have the feeling that I was being strangled. My doctor explained to me that there was no way that my thyroid was pressing on my esophagus or trachea with it being the size that it was. So I got all upset that he was calling me "crazy" because the symptom didn't have an origin of something pressing on anything. But they did the ultrasound and there was absolutely nothing in my neck, thyroid or otherwise, that was putting pressure on anything else.

So I started thinking about it and I did some research, and I think that he's right. I still think that there's something wrong with my thyroid, but it's not causing the strangling sensations. Things to ask yourself, is do you have any trouble swallowing when you are eating because of it? Does it feel like it gets momentarily better after you eat or drink something? Does it seem to go away when you are distracted and get worse the more you think about it?

This is still a real problem that can have numerous causes. One cause can be acid reflux high into the esophagus (apparently you can have this without any other symptoms). Another cause can be stress or anxiety. This doesn't make the symptoms any less real.

So anyway, I would still try to get the biopsy on the nodule if it is worrying you. It shouldn't matter what size it is, they should do it anyway. I would also ask them to be thorough with the ultrasound and look for any other things in the neck that could be causing pressure, such as an enlarged lymph node. Certainly there might be something in there that is causing your symptoms. But if the ultrasound comes back and the doc says that there isn't anything pressing on your esophagus, this might be another thing to consider.

Once I got over the initial indignation of the doctor implying that my symptoms were "all in my head" I realized that, in my case and for that particular symptom, he was right. When I distract myself and don't think about it, it goes away. If I think about it, it comes back (like right now). If it gets bad, I find that sipping water helps.

Good luck with your ultrasound. I hope that you get some answers.