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Re: Ultrasound said my thyroid is normal, but I don't feel well

Originally Posted by kehorner

So I started thinking about it and I did some research, and I think that he's right. I still think that there's something wrong with my thyroid, but it's not causing the strangling sensations. Things to ask yourself, is do you have any trouble swallowing when you are eating because of it? Does it feel like it gets momentarily better after you eat or drink something? Does it seem to go away when you are distracted and get worse the more you think about it?

This is still a real problem that can have numerous causes. One cause can be acid reflux high into the esophagus (apparently you can have this without any other symptoms). Another cause can be stress or anxiety. This doesn't make the symptoms any less real.
Actually, it gets worse if I eat spicy food. Also, I usually feel worse after I eat, and usually if it is bad, i iwll feel bad about 1 weeks before it goes away. If I am sick, it will get worse too. Even if I am distract I still feel it.

My doctor also said it is possible because of the acid, hwoever I take some medicine that supposed to reduce my acid level and it does not affect even a tiny bit at all, so I rule out that possiblity.