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Re: Hello all-cking in

Sounds like everybody is having a depressing week... I must admit I'm in the same boat as the rest of you. The pain in my left arm has come back full force, its almost as if i'm back to january before i knew what was wrong. i'm making myself use my arm and hand and fingers. although even right now the typing is pretty hard with the pain and shaking. i haven't been able to sleep much the past 3 nights. i know what you mean kate, about not wanting to take the meds. i've been acting the same way the past few days. my boyfriend has been getting real worried cause all i really want to do is lay around cause i feel off balance and dizzy and weak from the pain. i've been keeping my arm warm, wrapping in blankets, using my parafin machine, a heating pad.... and still nothing seems to be helping. i've been wearing my glove again to help with the swelling in my hand and fingers, and my wrist brace, because even just walking is killing my wrist w/o it having support.

i just hope these 35 days hurry up... if things don't get better in a few days i'm gonna end up having to call my pm to see if he'll give me something else. if not for the pain, then something for me to get some sleep.....

i hope you guys are feeling better.... i sure hope i will be too!