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Question Hello--I have a question.

I recently had my TSH done. It was 0.90 I was shocked because I last had one done about may or june of this year and it was 3.90 or something like that. It was high 3's I know that much for sure.
I have been seeing a chiropractor and taking a B-complex and L-tyrosine at night before bed and in the A.M. I have been taking 2 grains of Armour thyroid. I think that a combination of working out, chiropractic care and the combination of B-Complex and L-Tyrosine has helped in abundance to lower my TSH.
However, I am still not having a regular period each month which is becoming so annoying! I have lately been having one every 40 - 50 days. I used to have them every 30 days before I became pregnant (before I had a thyroid problem). My question is...Do you think 0.90 is possibly too low of a TSH and could be causing the still screwed up periods or do you think its ok and the period problem most likely stems from another problem I am having? We are wanting to have another baby and it so annoying that I am not having a normal cycle.
I am overweight and I know that this can also cause screwed up periods...thankfully though I have been losing weight! I lost 20lbs in the last month.
Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

P.S. Just wanted to add that I have had screwed up periods for the last year or so...since having thyroid problems so this isnt a knew issue, I guess I just assumed that when my thyroid levels became normal I would too. The doc didnt check my T4 or T3. he said unless the TSH levels were abnormal there wasnt a reason too.

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