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Re: Hello--I have a question.

Originally Posted by JadenStacy
I recently had my TSH done. It was 0.90 I was shocked because I last had one done about may or june of this year and it was 3.90 or something like that. It was high 3's I know that much for sure.

.Do you think 0.90 is possibly too low of a TSH and could be causing the still screwed up periods or do you think its ok and the period problem most likely stems from another problem I am having?

The doc didnt check my T4 or T3. he said unless the TSH levels were abnormal there wasnt a reason too.
JadenStacy, your TSH is at a number where most women feel best - but that means nothing because you're not 'most women'. Your doctor is wrong about the TSH being the test to monitor. Once treatment begins TSH levels become meaningless as far as thyroid function is concerned; TSH is a measure of pituitary hormone. Your want your Free T3 and Free T4 tested.

It's possible that your Free Ts are still too low and you're not going to see any relief until they are fixed. Often people end up with TSH levels that are almost completely supressed before they get the Free Ts up and feel better. He really should be checking these, especially if you're on Armour - you want to monitor that FT3.

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