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Re: Pain after ACDF

Martina -

I'm sorry you are so miserable! It's been almost a year since my last surgery, and I honestly can't remember that pain as being part of it. I do remember, though, that if I did the slightest thing that I wasn't supposed to do I would suffer the consequences. I hope you aren't doing anything to aggravate your surgery.

I remember after my first surgery I did have a lot of pain afterward, but I also had been dealing with pain for years beforehand. I think the longer you have symptoms before surgery, the longer it takes to leave after it is fixed. Hope that makes sense. I remember calling the doctor in tears asking why I am hurting and they asked me what I had been doing. I told them I had been putting pictures in a photo album. They told me that *anything* that I do with my hands will make it hurt. They were right! I remembered that this time around and just sat and did NOTHING. lol

Good luck! (I am happy to hear that your eye is better.)