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Originally Posted by txnmom
I was told my Thyroid was acceptable at level but concern that I had a low level antibody. What does low level antibody mean??
In my ANA profile results I had a positive RNP.
Did you get your actual numbers, txnmom, and the ranges? You'll find that a lot of us here who are being treated for thyroid disease were also told initally that our numbers were within the 'normal' range. It's very decieving.

Having my FT4 in lower 3rd of the range and my TSH at 4.3 was all my doctor needed, along with my symptoms, to diagnose me. I was lucky, however.

Most women feel best when their TSH is around 1 and their Free Ts are in the upper thrid of the range. The fact that you tested positive for anitbodies is an indication you're dealing with an autoimmune type of thyroid disease. As these tests were done by a rheumatologist I would suggest taking them to a specialist.

The ANA (Antinuclear Antibody) is a test done to check for Lupus primairly, but it is given to RA patients as well. Specific patterns tend to indicate certain diseases or syndromes. Having a positive RNP (ribonucleoprotein) with no other ANA antibodies is a sign of a Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and not RA.

If you'd like some input and/or advice you can post your numbers - there are some really knowledgeable people here

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