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Txnmom, your TSH is high (the new limit set by the American Association of Clinical Endos is .3-2.5). As for the antibodies, the fact that you have them at all is a sign of the autoimmune type of thyroid disease. Checkout the AACE website for their January 2003 and 2004 press releases on this subject - print them out and take them to your doctor.

I would recommend a specialist - but before you actually 'hire' one do a little interviewing when you call them up. Ask the receptionist / nurse if they diagnose with TSH only or if they check Free T levels and take symptoms into account. Ask if they prescribe Armour (natural thyroid replacement) to patients. If they say No or if they only use TSH to diagnose don't waste your time with them. You might have better luck with a naturopath or an osteopath - these doctors tend to know more about the thyroid and to take symptoms into account.

If you look through the Information Archive (sticky in this forum) you'll find advice on how to interview the doctor's office and what the symptoms are - achey joints and muscles are a symtom, btw, and ANA tests can be positive in cases of hypoT.

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