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Re: To Patience 50

Hi!! I knew you wouldn't see this new post. It sort of scooted on down the page very fast today.

Well I bet you are getting soaked by now. I saw on the news that there are flood watches all the way up to the Carolinas'.

Boy I feel wiped out today. I saw an FNP and she was very nice but she doesn't know about thyroids too much. I showed her my lasts bloodtests and she said my ft4 is right in the middle but it's not. I told her I don't have much energy and my hair is falling out. Just like talking to the wall.

It has come up since I quit taking the antithyroid medicine so maybe it will come up some more. Told her about my heart flutters and skipping beats. She gave me an EKG and it was okay.

I go back in two weeks for bloodtests. That is better than six weeks that my old MD wanted me back.