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Talking Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!

Hey Lisa!!

Your letter sounds so happy, that I distinctly heard bells ringing!!! Or maybe it was your new teeth chattering with excitment!!
I've always thought that dental work like that should not be called "cosmetic", so that the insurance companies can refuse to pay. Having a happy smile and all that wonderful relief is as important to the body and soul as my foot surgery last week!! It is sooooo important to feel good about yourself. (And I know all about "teeth" and "smiles", having put off the massive backwork I've needed, over and over again.!!) Isn't it the total pits how addiction moves even the most important medical necessities further and further down the "must do" line!

Anyway, just for all those hours in the chair, there should be some sort of Purple Tooth awarded for bravery!! Yea, Lisa!!!

xx Lynn xx