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Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!

Hi Lisa!

That is so cool! I'm so happy for, let's smile together ! Isn't it wonderful to have that work done!? I am just so very happy for you, I wish I could see you in person, but then I'd have to put my shades on as I would surely be blinded by your pearly whites and your dental "afterglow!"

I agree with Lynn that cosmetic is not a word that should be applied to dentistry when it alone can change a person's entire self-esteem and how they view themselves and how the world looks back at you. What you had done was huge, and I hope you can reach far enough to pat yourself on the back. I'm happy for you, too, in that for the first time it seems, your family has rallied around YOU and has given YOU the attention and time and treatment you deserve. You take care of everyone else, and so seldom is there any time left over for you.

Now let's just hope your husband's jealous side doesn't show itself as now that along with already being a beautiful lady, you have an inner glow and a gorgeous smile that is sure to knock some socks off! I bet your daughter, and the other kids too, is so happy for you (I mention her specifically because I remember how close you have written that you two are, and I figured you probably have confided in her about how this has made you feel in the past...?) The trickle down effects of this is beneficial to everyone--when mom is happy, everyone is happy, am I right?!

You deserve this, Lisa, now get out there and blind a few folks!

Love ya,

Dallas Alice