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Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!

Hey Lynn and Dallas are you feeling???? I hope you are healing and resting that foot of yours. I was just reading a post between you and Dallas about shoe fetishes. I am guilty too, of having to most fashionable shoes, even if they KILL my feet. Although, with my 2 yr old now, i have switched to good 'ol Nike sneakers. My feet really appreciate it too!!! Well i hope you are on the up and up..... always bring out emotion in me in your posts. I love the way you express yourself and gosh you hit the nail on the head with my hubby. He was feeling insecure about me ALREADY!!! I just try to keep reassuring him that this work was done for ME, not to go out and find a new husband LOL...Gosh if this marriage doesn't work out...there will NOT be a husband #3!!!!! I can guarantee you that!!! LOL LOL
I have been smiling away, although it hurts like hell. But that "mental" pain is long gone, I still have to catch myself covering up my smile like i used to. I am even thinking about calling this week for a family portrait at the photo shop at the mall. They do some really cute pictures, adding in props and such. I don't want the traditional family picture, i want it more casual and fun. I had so many visitors yesterday. Everyone was in tears when they saw me. I gotta get rid of the rest of my vikes today, whether it is flushing them or giving them away, it is gonna be done with TODAY!!! I don't want to start on that crap again!!! Or ever feel "day1" again. Today will be 3 days on them and the pain is gonna be decreasing every day now. So it is time.
Well i just wanted to thank you for your post to always can make me smile no matter what type of mood i am in. You are quite an asset to our "family" here and am thankful you found your way to this board. You certainly have a way with words. Well Dallas....i hope this Sunday finds you well. Thanks again for all the encouragement!!!!!
luv ya tons!!!!