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Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!

Hey goddessgirl!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the well wishes. I HAD beautiful teeth until my last pregnancy w/my two yr old....i threw up like 15 times a day and was CONSTANTLY in the hospital for dehydration. The bile is what they say ruined my teeth. I think the meds helped along the decay as well. The dentist claims that Zoloft and alot of anti-depress. cause an extremely dry mouth, which promotes tooth decay. So it was worse for me to have HAD a beautiful smile and then lost it....
I keep looking at myself in the mirror and "practicing" smiling....i'm officially a lunatic LOL LOL
Hey what is going on with your therapist??? I'm trying to play some catch-up over here....clue me in. Are you tapering off of the sub too??? Fill me in, i am lost. This morning i actually had some free time to play catch-up with you guys. It is a beautiful fall day here in CT......only about 50 degrees and brilliantly sunny with a cool, crisp breeze. I'm gonna go out and get some frest air....
lots of luv,