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Question Does this sound like anxiety?

Hello Im 28 and Ive been told I have anxiety but for some reason I try to pass it off as some other more serious illness all the time. I CONSTANTLY worry about my health ! let me tell you whats bothering me and see if it sounds anxiety related....I just had a miscarriage and went to the ER the other night and they ran a bunch of blood work and said all was normal but when I got home I noticed my glucose levels were high! Normal is 85-110 and mine was 120, well he said nothing about it at the ER . Ive heard anxiety can raise your glucose, is this true? Ive been thirsty alot , blurry vision, headaches, and lightheaded all day long! I get from break from it and wonder if it sounds like anxiety since I worry constantly! Im TERRRIFED I now have diabetes . Im real sad and cry at the drop of a dime because I worry about my health! Somebody please tell me if this sounds like anxiety??

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