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Angry just need to vent. : (

woke up at 7:30. I"ve had energy today. Was able to do light house work today and took the kids to soccer game. I was so happy to be able to drive them there on my own. I haven't had any problems with heart palpations and panic attacks today until night time around 9. Although I have been having problems with pain in the front part of my left hip. My left arm and leg feels sore and like it's got pressure. I got really tired (as if I'd taken a sleeping pill) around 8 and went to bed around 9. My hands are now tingling, eyes feel funny (can't seem to stay focused, my eyes just jump around) and my head feels like it's about to explode while I"m lying down. The pressure feels as though it's building. My hands feel like they are swelling and all I can do is ball up on my right side and hope to pass out. My mind is now racing about what the hell is wrong with me so I ended up taking another xanax. I've only got two left now and trying to use them sparingly. I had to practically beg for the last prescription. My last menstral was July 28 and was very light. (although my breast have been so sore I think I may finally start) I'm scared of getting ovarian cysts again and on top of that I think I"m getting another yeast infection. (GRRR does it ever end!) Not to mention my worries about a kidney stone. I"m sick of medicine, sick of doctors, sick of being sick and sick of no answers. I don't know what to do or who to call or where to turn. That's why I've started this journal. I am tired of worrying my family but need some place to vent. (and maybe get a doctor to read to see what it's like for me because they never have the time to listen) I don't know if all this has to do with my hypo-thyriod or if I"m just getting struck with everything all at once. My goiter feels as though it's coming back and I've still been so cold. Been on synthriod 5wks now and was uped to 75mcg only 3 wks ago. Please say this will all be over after the 6 wks. The endo called to say my FNA was negative and now doesn't want to follow up with me for another 6mths. My family physician says I may have kidney stones, then looses the urine sample with an obvious gray stone in it. I wasn't able to get back in for 4wks after that, then he sends me for a ct-scan after still finding blood in my urine and wants me to follow up in 3wks. I've had repeated uninary tract infections since May and a possible stone 2yrs ago. HELP! Is there any hope for finding that? Will this ever get better? Sorry to throw this on everybody, but maybe someone out there has a clue of what I may need to get the doctors to check.

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