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Talking Re: I had my dental procedure today!!!!

Good morning Dallas...i was happy to wake to a post of yours today. I am still in a bit of pain, but hubby took it upon himself to take my meds w/him to work. I really had to catch myself this morning. My addiction was FURIOUS, although the real "lisa" knows he is only doing it for my own good.
Boy are you right about hit the nail on the head with that one....when he is good, he is so, so good, but when he is bad....WATCH OUT!!! Sounds like you and I pick the same type of "partner"
It is weird how well you know a sixth sense or something. I guess i have used this board as a form of a journal at times, and i never hold back as i am writing. So you have been following my story for over a year now. I have been thru hell and back, but i wonder if all of the b.s. is self-inflicted. I wonder if most of my issues and drama stem from my addiction. I don't know, i am still ****** at hubby for taking my meds with him. he knows it too, but i gotta let go. It is too dam early in the a.m. for me to start obssessing.
My upper lip is all puffy today and it is almost impossible to smile, hopefully this will pass soon. Swelling really started yesterday. I hope this is supposed to happen. I just want this to be over, but on Thursday i have to have some more work done on the bottom. For 14,000.00 it had better be more than one sitting in the dentist chair!!!! I do feel so selfish for spending that kind of money on my mouth...but i have suffered and suffered. Maybe a part of me feels like i don't even deserve it....i don't know.
I am a bit cranky today, don't know what it wrong with me.....
It is very interesting to hear from people that have followed "my story", and hear their view as an outsider. It always seems to help put things into prospective for me.
I will always be here for you DAllas!!!! Whether you are going thru good times or are a very special person to me. Weird how someone could be so special to you and you've never even met them face to face!!! I do have a mental image in my head of everyone here on the board...wish the board would let us all get together for a sobriety bash!!!!
Well its gonna be a rough monday for Lisa today. I am worn out today. I did waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy to much over the weekend...had some kind of adrenaline rush going on...with people calling and stopping by. Time to unwind today and get cracking on my sobriety. I could sense i was starting to "look forward" to my next dose...but i guess that is what makes me an addict. I'll get over it, i always do
Well my 2 yr old is up and about already at 7 a.m. that is 2 hours early for him!!! Gotta go!!!
luv ya tons, Dallas!!!!!