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Re: Going to remove thyroid.

I had my thyroid out in April of 03. I had a goiter just like you, medication levoxyl, wasn't shrinking it even after a year so they had to take it out.
I woke up after my surgery and was so sleepy. I barely remember crawling from the gurney into my bed. My neck was all taped up, I had a drain put in the wound, it was a tube going into a clear bubble on the end. This was gross to see. My throat was really really sore, and I couldn't talk well. I only threw up once after surgery, didn't hurt as bad as I was fearing. I remember having to pee alot that night. Whenever my roomate rang the nurses, I had to pee. By the next day I tried to eat solid food, throat still hurt pretty bad. They did a strep test and everything, but it was just from surgery. My incision seemed huge to me at the time, but now after over a year of healing, it's not that noticible anymore. Took a while for the red puffiness to go away. I used scar healing ointment for a little while but made me itch too bad.
I think I was in the hospital for two days and went home on the third. I rested in bed two days and then was on the treadmill by the end of the week (wish it wasn't just for that one day! I'm such a slacker.) The sooner you can get off the pain killers the better.
I was initially put on .075 of synthroid and have only changed once to .088 and seem to be holding steady. I don't have to see the endo for another year, so that's nice.
Almost all of my thyroid symptoms have disappeared since the surgery and I am much happier with how I look. Weight gain has not been a problem for me, suprisingly. I held at the same weight before and after my surgery. If I had exercised I don't think I would have had a problem losing the weight. Now I have had a stomach issue for the past three months and have lost 18lbs otherwise I would still be 187 probably.
I am glad I had it done. I'm afraid I would still be miserable if I hadn't.
Good Luck to you,