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Please help!

Just to give a little background- I am 33yrs old and I was diagnosed with hypothyroid when I was 13. Since then I have been on Synthroid currently I take .175 mg. I remember as a kid always being tired, always being cold (purple lips and hands to prove it to everyone), my hair and nails hardly grew, I was not growing and I looked bloated. I know the Synthroid helped because I no longer have any of those symptoms and anytime I went off the medication the symptoms returned. I had no idea that thyroid dysfunction caused so many other problems, my peditrician never told my parents how serious this could be and they had no reason to believe it was. Any of the numerous doctors I have had as an adult did not believe I had hypothyroidism until they got the test results back. That's the other thing I have never been told what the levels were from the results, I never thought I needed to know.The only time a doctor made a big deal about my thyroid was when I was pregnant with my second child. She was constantly sending me for tests to make sure levels were ok. That's when I figured out this is a little more serious then I thought. Which leads me to my questions:
1. Where can I find more info on hypothyroidism?
2. What kind of doctor is best for treating this disease?
3. What are normal levels for thyroid function?
If anyone can help me out or give me more info I sure would appreciate it.

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