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Question Some very specific questions about prostatitis

Ok, instead of beating around the bush I thought I'd ask some very specific questions to try and determine if I do indeed have prostatitis or if it's something else. Please help me out if you can here. The answers don't have to be long and detailed or anything but please feel free to make them as detailed as you like and exept my gratitude for whatever information you all can provide.

* How long does the pain last AFTER ejaculation usually last (hours, days, etc)?

* What kind of pain is it (ie; sharp, throbbing, achey, cramping, etc)?

* Is there a decrease in semen?

* Does it hurt a great deal to sit or walk?

* From a scale of 1-10, how severe is ther pain (1=very mild/10=excruciating)?

* Does you prostrate area feel blocked up, bloated or like you have to have a bowel movement?

* Do you find that pain relievers are not all that affective?

* Do you have trouble sleeping because of the pain/discomfort?

* Is the pain continuous or intermittant?

* Do you feel any movement in the area of your prostate that feels like trapped fluid squishing around, something scraping, spasms or any other type of MOVEMENT?

*Do you find that drinking coffee and/or masterbating helps or hurts your symptoms?

*When your semen comes out does it dribble, come out in tiny spurts, retrograde ejaculation or does it not come out at all?

* Do you ever feel like you are "sitting" on your prostate or like your prostate is about ready to burst?

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