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Re: Some very specific questions about prostatitis

Originally Posted by Magnetic
If you have not seen a urologist, please do so. Your symptoms are consistent with prostatitis, but let him make the diagnosis. Insist of a culture of your EPS to see what all grows.
I agree. I have an appointment to see my urologist tommorow at 2:30PM. they actually wanted to make me wait two weeks but I called back later and told them I was in a LOT of pain so they moved me up a week. This morning, I called again and asked to get in on an expidited/emergency basis. Anyway, I just hope and pray that I do not get blown off and that he will actually do some tests other than a simple urinalysis because that came back negative twice already. I'd really like to have a transrectal ultrasound or an MRI to see if anything is blocking my semen up there. This particular urologist has very good "bedside manner" and is a good listener but like I said in an earlier post, I'm on medicaid and that nmeans very low pay and lots of paperwork so all I can do is keep my fingers crossed.

Anyway, I don't necessarilly suffer from all of the symptoms I mentioned (although I do suffer from many of them) as much as am just trying to rule (in or out) prostatitis and wether I have it by getting very specific answers to the questions I listed. I understand that noone here can diagnose me but I would really appreciate it if someone (hopefully several people) could use the questions above to just give me some insight into their own symptoms because I feel it might give me a better understanding of my own condition.

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