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Wink Hi Michelle!!!

Hi MIchelle, how are you on this fine Wednesday???? I am hanging in there. The kiddies just got off to school and my 2 yr old is "resting" on the couch, so i thought i would drop you a quick note. For some reason, you have been on my mind alot lately. It is odd, isn't it, how even though we have never met "face to face", i feel like you are a very good friend of mine. Any way, i was just wondering how the ultram thing was going??? My mom has always had massive dibilitating headaches her whole life. She claims if too much pain med. is taken for the headache you will develop what is called a "rebound headache." Maybe you could research it a bit???? I don't know, i am just worried about the ultram thing. I took it myself before, but i can relate, cuz it is NOTHING like an opiate in my opinion. But it DOES give you that buzzy rush, so be careful, O.K.?????
I had major work done on my teeth last Friday.
Took some pain meds., but i had like 6-8 root canals, teeth pulled, bridges put in, and cast, post and porcelain veneers!!! Talk about extreme make-over!!! My teeth were PERFECT until the last pregnancy, and i am sure that throwing up bile 10 times a day for nine months contributed to the decay. Well it costed us an arm and a leg, got a cosmetic loan, but i am not going to have to deal with the "pain" any more and feel so much better and happier because i am confident and can SMILE big now!!!!
So now back to battling my addiction
I am wondering what you think about me getting on the sub.????
Do you think it created something worse by taking it, in the long run or what? I wouldn't say that i have a large habit by any means, but a chronic relapser. I am, though, tackling all of my pain issues, one at a time. Had my wrist operated on, now my teeth.....debating getting a hysterectomy or a cone biopsy. I really don't want anymore kids, i have at 35, i am done with that!!! Between the teens and my 2 yr old, i am pretty busy. I can see why i started taking those dam pills, for the energy!!! Oh well, i hope you are well and just busy with the kiddies. Well stop in soon and chat, i miss ya.

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