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Good To See Nurse Practitioner?

Hello again everyone. To recap my situation, I have had at least 10 hypothryorid symptoms for a few years now. I recently had a thryoid scan and sonogram done and they came back normal. My bloodwork results are:

TSH 2.884 (0.350-5.500 normal)
T4 9.4 (1.5-12.0 normal)
T3 Uptake 30 (24-39 normal)
Free T 2.8 (1.2-4.9 normal)

Thyroid Antibodies: Positive at 52 (0-34 normal)

My GP is, who is an osteopath, is on vacation for two weeks so I will be seeing the nurse practitoner. Do you think this is a good idea since they tend to listen better? Is a nurse practitioner able to prescribe meds? What do you think my odds are for getting treated based on my symptoms and antibody test results?

I have been sick for a long time and am deeply hoping for some help. If this does not work out, what do you suggest I do next?

I truly appreciate the wonderful information and advice on this board, thank you.

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