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Question Anyone else on the Saratoga?

My husband served on the USS Saratoga in the gulf war and has never been the same since. He started falling ill back in '95. He was contacted by the VA to come in for a physical for a study and we never found anything out. Every year since his health has declined. He has chronic fatigue, numbness and tingling in his arms and legs, weight loss, headaches, chronic sinus infections, degenerative disc disease, pink spots on his chest and back that mysteriously appear and disappear, chest pains, bleeding ulcers, bowel and bladder problems, and the list goes on. He has seen probably 20 doctors over the years, had every blood test known to man, countless mris and ct scans, with no answers. He is currently seeing a nuerologist as they thought he might have MS, so far the tests are inconclusive. I know the doctors think this is all in his head and it's getting frustrating. He has good weeks and sometimes even a month and then everything just falls apart again. I was just wondering if there are any vets with similar symptoms that were on a ship with no real exposure. My husband was an IT. If anyone knows of any good doctors in Illinois that deal with Gulf War illness please let me know.
Thank you.

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