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Question Re: Anyone else on the Saratoga?

first of all, it is really more accurately "Gulf War Syndrome" I mean Syndrome because that definition is more precise to what all of us are suffering from. It is a more accurate description of what we have got and are suffering from-- put more into legal terms...

I have chest pain, extreme exhaustion, fatigue, headaches-- migrating, nausea, breathing problems, body aches, joint pains, muscle aches, abdominal pains, recurring diarrhea, dizzyness, disoriented, confused, off balance, very sick feeling, chronic coughing, paralysis, overly hot feeling, anxiety, nervousness, weight gain, sleep apnea, suppressed breathing, get overly hot on any form of physical exertion which makes me very sick and nauseated and dizzy, etc; this is a very serious problem for all of us that are suffering. I heard some say that it is a mild discomfort... That is a major understatement! I mean I can't work anymore as a result of the whole conglomeration of all of these ailments all put together causes me to be chronically disabled with no hope of working again! I can't work, it isn't an option for me. I have trouble just walking around on a daily bases.

I sleep most of the time and right now the sleep apnea has come back and is causing me to stop breathing at night time. I am almost dead! I tried to wake up the other day and found myself in a bad predicament where I was partially paralyzed and couldn't move very good at all. I was very stove up and my breathing was dangerously shallow! I was half dead at that point and am being damaged from these problems daily; and no one wants to address our problems. I am writing on this forum because one day I may not wake up and this is all the world will have to see what really happened to us sick soldiers that were abandoned! and left to die by a government that could care less about us! It is only obvious how they feel toward us and we did nothing to desserve this...

I was in the U.S. Army and was a grunt. The army said I had mycoplasma pneumonia as a way to dodge the bullet! They gave a false diagnoses to hide what really happened. (I know I have the answers people are looking for!) I overheard some things when I was sick. I heard them say "where did the doctor go..." And they also said "He left because he didn't want to accept the responsibility for us being sick and didn't want to be held responsible if we died..." He abandoned us in the hospital! He left us! Some one else came in a while after but I don't think he was qualified to save us. Then their were guards that secured the scene! It was chaos!!! right before the war started up back in 1990! Some other doctors tried to get close to us and were ganged up on by the guards and there was a lot of pushing and shoving around and the two doctors were pushed down on the ground! They were told "This is none of your business" and "You are not allowed to go in there!" and that is when the fight broke out! I was totally incapacitated and couldn't do anything but watch... I believe I may have been taken to another hospital also? I don't remember how I got to the room so I must have passed out or something in the E.R. of the Army Hospital? I looked at my cup one day and it said one hosptial then the next day or two it said a totally different hospital? Something weird happened to me and all with no answers...

I was told I had mycoplasma pneumonia which is a benign illness! Why then am I still sick 14 years later? I mean we looked like we had the plague or something worse? Maybe even the living dead or something? It was veeerrryyy Baaaaddddddd!!!! And all of this thick yellow mucas poured from our noses-- we all had the same problem and there were 14 of us!!! All in one large room! Very creepy event and no one wants to admit it happened! As far as the Army is concerned it never happened... and is the reason why we are all left fighting for our cases!!! I was dyeing and the antibiotics did nothing for us! They went some probably unethical routes to save us from dyeing and I suffer now as a result! They literally raised my from the dead and shouldn't have done so... Now I am literally the walking dead! No life and no place in society and am just here with no ambition, goals, will, and in fact I have been stipped of my personality! There is nothing left of the person I once was, and the new me is really a stranger to me... All of the new recruits today have to face these issues or are going to later on have to... God help them! Evil reighns today and the proof is in all of the carniage left behind...

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