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Re: Hi Michelle!!!

Hey Lisa,

You'll have to scan over to the thread started by HydroQueen, "Dallas..." and read why I am so rarely on the boards these days (don't want to be repetitive) but you can run over there and read that after this if ya want!

So, you had what I had! Cervical cancer! I had that procedure where they go in and freeze the cancer and then "scoop" it out of your cervix! My doctor said the area was small and that she felt like it would re-grow (as the cervix actually re-grows cells) back normally. And at just 31, I didn't want to have to have a hysterectomy! If I knew for sure I did not want any more children, maybe? But, I can't come to that conclusion right now at this point in my life! Now, what is the cone thing? I remember my doctor talking to me about that, too, but she said that the procedure we did is usually done before that one! So, fill me in on that? I have heard good and bad things from women who have had hysterectomys- what about you? I know that is a "hefty" decision to make!

So, are you taking the pain pills regularly? (Forgive me for having to ask, but I have been "away" for several days.) You do what I did (but you would make it longer than I did), but, stop for awhile and then use again! I can't tell you how many times I did that. That is why I became so interested in the sub- I just couldn't stay away from the pills (and plus, I wasn't getting any help from anyone either). I don't know how to advise you on the sub? I have mixed feelings about it? It depends if you are going to get on it and stay on it a good, long time, then maybe so! When I found out it was going to be hard to come off the sub, I began cutting my doses down and that is why I don't think I ever got "stable" on the sub. Plus, my doctor just cut me off- was going to make me join "his program" (which would line his pockets well with my money)! I almost felt like he got me dependant on the sub to then say, "I am not going to RX this to you anymore unless you join the program!" I don't know- my current addictionologist was pretty floored by his actions (my sub doctor)! Anyway- back to you! What are you thinking and what is your habit now? Let me know all that if ya can and want to still talk about it- K?

I am so glad I caught this (actually Lynn told me get over here and find it)! It is like I said in that other post- I still think of you ya'll so much but have so little time now-a-days! Plus, a little "blah" lately (that little scenario is over on the other thread, too)!

Oh- before I go- how are things with your husband? My husband and I went to a counseling session about two months ago (we were not communicating too well) and that one session helped alot! He just needed to hear from another person that he was being a jerk! LOL! Just kidding! With all this "drug stuff" and "the cancer stuff" I somewhat "shut down" emotionally and he didn't know how to respond and then I would get mad when I thought he should be responding a certain way- all that good stuff!!! We are doing alot better in communicating now-a-days!

Okay- off to get the kids back in bed (who were initally put to bed before I came up here and I can hear them running around- where the heck is Daddy?) ...UGH!!! I am sure they have probably woken the baby up, too, since I can hear them from all the way up here!

I'll check back with ya in a day or so- K? Likewise, I consider you a "special friend!" Love and hugs,